Quadratic Capital Management is an innovative alternative asset management firm founded in 2013 by Nancy Davis. The firm has utilized its significant expertise in the interest rate volatility and options markets to construct IVOL in a way that helps mitigate the downside risk of the strategy while maintaining upside potential. The firm is based in Greenwich, CT.

By utilizing options, Quadratic seeks to provide a compelling investment risk/reward relationship. IVOL is designed to provide a unique long volatility vehicle that not only seeks to provide a hedge to a variety of interest rate, fixed income and inflation volatility scenarios, but also allows investors the potential to profit from these scenarios. We believe IVOL addresses inflationary and long-term interest rate risk in a unique and powerful way with an exposure to volatility in ways that investors may find are not currently fulfilled by existing products on the market.


Nancy Davis

Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Nancy Davis founded Quadratic Capital Management in 2013. Ms. Davis began her career at Goldman Sachs where she spent nearly ten years, the last seven at the proprietary trading group where she rose to become the Head of Credit, Derivatives and OTC Trading.

Prior to starting Quadratic, she served as a portfolio manager at Highbridge where she managed $500 million of capital in a derivatives-only portfolio. She later served in a senior executive role at AllianceBernstein.

Ms. Davis writes and speaks frequently about markets and investing. She has been published in Institutional Investor, Absolute Return and Financial News, and has contributed papers to two books. She has been interviewed by The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, New York Magazine and Le Figaro. Ms. Davis has also appeared on CNBC, CNN, Reuters, Sina, Bloomberg and MSNBC.

Mark Cone

Head of Business Development

Mr. Cone is responsible for overseeing the business development of the firm. Previously, he cofounded Causeway Capital Management in Los Angeles, CA in 2001 where he served as Managing Partner, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Additionally, he served as Trustee on the Causeway Capital Management Trust for the Causeway family of mutual funds.

Previously Mr. Cone led third party distribution for Merrill Lynch Investment Managers within the United States, Canada and Latin America from 1996 to 2001. Prior to that, Mr. Cone was the director of marketing and client development for retail and intermediary distribution at Hotchkis and Wiley and a regional director at Neuberger & Berman where he was responsible for marketing their mutual funds.

Mr. Cone has a BA in Economics from the University of Vermont.

References to other mutual funds should not be considered an offer of those securities.

Glenn Christal

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Christal is responsible for overseeing the business and trading operations for the company. Previously, Mr. Christal was at Tudor Investment Corp, a multi billion dollar macro hedge fund, for fifteen years where he was the Treasurer and chair of the Treasury and Credit Committees. Mr. Christal oversaw collateral management, cash management, credit and trade documentation negotiations. His prior role was the Chief Operations Officer at Millennium Partners where he oversaw trade operations.

Mr. Christal holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Stony Brook University.

Henrique Rocha

Market Strategist

Mr. Rocha is responsible for identifying, analyzing and structuring Quadratic’s market investments across asset classes. Previously, he worked at Goldman Sachs as an Interest Rates and Foreign Exchange Strategist, responsible for tactical idea generation for institutional clients, including banks, corporations, hedge funds, asset managers, and sovereigns. Mr. Rocha has worked in both Brazil and the U.S.

He holds a B.S. magna cum laude in Electrical Engineering from Yale University, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi.


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